Here at Scoil Íosa we are getting up and moving more in an effort to win an active schools flag!

The Active school flag is an initiative that encourages schools to improve physical education and physical activity in the school community.

We are really enjoying the process so far and getting active is not just improving our physical health but also our moods and our concentration.

​Physical Education:

Physical Education is part of our school curriculum. We teach the 6 strands of the PE curriculum; Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure activities and Aquatics. Each class has two sessions of PE each week and we use lots of different resources and equipment to help deliver exciting and engaging lessons.

Active Breaks:

We  try to keep active throughout the school day by including movement breaks in between lessons. Using movement breaks at intervals throughout the day offers pupils the opportunity to re-energize their body while giving the brain the time it needs to process learning and prepare for future learning. Movement breaks promote physical fitness and boosts brain health. 

Scoil Iosa

Rainy Day Policy

On rainy days when children don’t get out to the yard, teachers facilitate extra movement breaks in the classroom to keep active. We love dancing to help get our heart rates up and we also enjoy yoga and mindfulness to help us calm down.

Sample activities are listed below


Bizzy Breaks